Measuring Guide

Download our Measuring Guide/Chart

There is an area for you to record your measurements which you can post or email to us:

  • Ready Made Blinds LTD, PO Box 6260, Upper Riccarton, Christchurch 8440

Call us for a quote over the phone: 0800 77 00 44


Standard Sizes:

  • Standard sizes will be sent at the size as listed.
  • If you're fitting a standard size blind inside a window frame please advise during confirmation of your order.

If you wish to order standard size(s) please go to Product Range to begin your ordering process.


We adjust our standard sizes to tailor to your measurements.

Determine whether you want your blind(s) to fit INSIDE or OUTSIDE your window frame(s):

Please measure to the nearest millimetre (mm).


Blinds are more commonly fitted inside the window frame.

Please use your tape to measure the width first and drop second.

Measure tight, from wood to wood, inside the frame.

Tip: It's a good idea to measure the width in three places; top, middle and bottom as there can be small variances. Please use the smallest of the three measurements.


Please ensure you give us your exact measurements as we make specific deductions off these to provide clearance within the frame.


An outside fit is useful when there isn't enough space for the head rail to fit internally.

Please measure to the outside of your architrave to achieve maximum light control and privacy.

If you don't have architraves we recommend adding 200mm to the window's width (100mm each side) and a further 100mm off the drop.


As deductions are not necessary for an outside fit, we make the blinds to your finished measurements.


The accuracy of your measurements is essential for a correct and proper fit of your blinds. We cannot be accountable for inaccurate measurements, so if you have any doubts always be sure to double check before placing your order. As a further safeguard we will always phone you prior to proceeding with your order to confirm your sizes.



Monitor settings can cause colour variations so we suggest requesting FREE SLAT SAMPLES prior to ordering.